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Build Your Professional Career Socially

When most people think about networking professionally they think it must be conducted in a professional setting. Whether it is at school, in the office, or through mutual professional friends. There is nothing wrong with networking in this fashion but many have the misconception that if you want good professional connections these are the best  places  to do it. This is wrong.

Believe it or not, most professionals have a life outside of their profession. When you are out on the town or at an informal event such as a BBQ or birthday this is a key time to meet new people and gain new connections. In my experiences, this is actually an easier time to approach someone with their guard down and have them open up to you. You aren’t approaching them with the standard questions they get everyday about professional advice or how they got where they are. You are speaking to them with a mutual interest as simple as baseball  or mountain biking.

Having this simple conversation builds trust and friendship. You are no longer another person asking the same question. But a friend they want to help out. This will open up future doors professionally and if nothing else builds a bridge with that person socially.

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