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Networking for the Reserved

Many people out there are very gifted but have trouble building bridges with others due to having a more reserved and shy personality. To get over this fear you must practice like anything else you would like to improve your performance at. The best way to practice is with friends and family who you feel comfortable with. This simply means having a normal conversation with them but concentrate more on being engaging and interesting. Do not ask a question with a simple yes or no answer and do not have a simple answer for a response. Have a response that is detailed enough to stem off on new subjects or thoughts that keeps the conversation going. Try to keep it on a topic that both parties have a mutual interest in. This makes the conversation less awkward and flow a lot easier.

You should also try your best to surround yourself with talkative and outgoing people. Not only will you learn from them on how to better your networking skills but you can also use them to introduce you to their network of friends. This makes the process that much easier and stress free especially when your still getting over your fear of approaching new people.

Last but not least, NEVER think you or what you have to offer socially or intellectually is obsolete or uninteresting. Everyone has something important to bring to the table. What you have to say is important and everyone will listen. You could even quite possibly engage someone else who had the same thoughts as you.  It is as simple as that. Now get out there and connect!

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