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Having Friends That Don’t Reflect Your Brand

There is no question, the people we surround ourselves with directly reflect our own personal brand. It is always important to have people around you with the same or similar brand and goals so people do not get a misconception of who you are and what exactly it is you are about.

The biggest problem one can run into is having a friend or friends that you still maintain a close relationship with, however, do not exactly reflect your own personal brand. The worst thing a person can do is break that friendship or avoid them for fear of them negatively reflecting you. This will completely contradict your intensions of having a personal brand and networking. The easiest way to solve this problem is know where you are going and what type of people will be present there.  If you’re going to be hanging out with mutual friends or a more laid-back atmosphere it is of course fine to have them present. But if you’re going to be in a more professional setting or a place in which you know there will be potential contacts, you may want to hang out with them another night.

Another one of the biggest mistakes young professionals make is recommending or talking highly of an individual based solely on friendship.  I know that as a friend, you feel obligated to help them but this is the worst thing you can do if that friend is not as qualified or reliable as you claim. Their performance will ultimately reflect on you and bring question as to your own personal integrity, values and work ethic. Do not ever put yourself in that situation in less you truly have the utmost confidence in that persons capabilities.

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