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Over Marketing Yourself

Some people feel to have any success at social networking they must fit a certain “ideal” stereotype for people to like them, both in the business and social world. They want to feel as if they are of a higher status or they feel as though people would just be uninterested in the real person they are.

Socially we have all ran into people who “talk” about how many experiences and achievements they have. When in reality they are probably just trying to impress you. These people are well known to be called “one uppers.” This pretty much means “anything you have done I have done better or had a better experience doing it.” I think we have all at some point run into a person like this. This does not make anyone like that individual more, and in most cases makes people dislike them and want to stay away from them completely shattered that persons intensions.

It is the same in the business world. People will lie about achievements whether in school or professionally. They feel as though it will give them a competitive advantage. They are probably correct… for the whole 20 min it takes to look you up on the computer or until you prove through your performance, you are not as qualified as you made yourself out to be. You ultimately will only hurt yourself and you will lose any sort of trust you had. Many professions stay in contact with one another so the news will spread rapid and you will find yourself unable to find a job and probably unemployed.

The bottom line is be yourself! You should never lie about any aspect of who you are or what you do. Be happy with who you are and what you have accomplished in life. If you still feel there is room for improvement there is no problem telling others what your drive and ambitions are. That is a huge point of social networking anyways, helping one another be connected and reach your greatest goals and ambitions.

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