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Social Media for the Young

When you are young adult entering college, it a confusing time. You are technically not a child anymore but at 18 years old you are still not completely mature and grown up. College is a new and excited time for young adults. They are excited for something new whether it is the school, new location or finally being able to get out of their parents home. When you first enter college, your sole goal at that point is to have a good time. You find most of your time being consumed by the social scene or figuring out the best frat party to attend. You feel as if graduation and a career are extremely far away and you should not be concerned with it. What these young adults must understand is that college, although important, is a very short chapter in their lives. It flies by extremely fast so you must always have your future on your mind.

Nowadays young adults must be very careful of what they say and do on social media. With technology advancing rapidly, that thoughtless or senseless post they put up having fun as a under graduate, could haunt them when they finally receive that degree and want to join the professional world. If they are not careful, that whole time in college when they were young and carefree could come back and bite them professionally. You see countless example of this on Facebook and Twitter of young individuals posting text or images that may not sit well with future employers.

It is alright for people to have fun as young adults. However, they do not have to share it with the world and the world does not really care. The only people who will care are your potential employers. The things you post will remain online for years to come. With college only being on average 4 years long there is a great chance it will still be high on the Google feed come graduation,  making it extremely easy to track down. If there is any question what so ever about the content of a post do not post it at all.

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