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Social Networking at the Workplace

On a previous post, I talked about the importance of social networking outside of the professional setting at social events. However, networking on the job is also extremely important for employees and businesses for a number of reasons. When you work for employers, especially those employers who employ a high quantity of people, it is very important for everyone to know one another and get along on and off the job site. When employees get along and feel comfortable with one another it makes a better work environment and it makes the company better and more efficient.

Working with people you do not know or get along with can make a bad work environment thus dropping the productivity of the organization. I have experienced this fist hand in the work place and it is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to an individual and a business. Individuals who do not like one another or feel comfortable with one another tend not to work together as a team to accomplish the task at hand. People naturally will use their personal feelings before the company while conducting business, which causing a never-ending snowball of trouble.

In the workplace, you should make it a priority to meet and introduce yourself to all of your coworkers. If you have any issues what so ever with anyone in the organization you should immediate talk to them about it before the issue gets worse. It is also good to occasionally meet up with coworkers outside of the workplace whether it is an organized business outing or planned on your own. Getting out of the office will keep the stress and issues of the job away so people can get to know each other on a more personal level. Building a connection with coworkers that is more than just professional will drastically improve the efficiency of the company while making the work environment fun and more rewarding.

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