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Uncomfortable Networking?

When we go out and think of networking we naturally want to go to a place that is comfortable and has people present that we can relate to and have something in common with. This headline may sound extreme but it is to make a point that no networking should ever be considered uncomfortable.

A friend and fellow classmate of mine named Brad Cabanilla has a blog where he talks about the latest and greatest in a new dance festival trend. These huge festivals such as the Electric Daisy Carnival are a huge attraction for many people. I must admit as soon as I learned the type of music that was being played I declined the invitation to attend. It seemed cool for the people who were interested in that type of music. However, the music and crowd that attends did not seem like it matched my persona.

Then I really got to thinking… This was a huge missed opportunity I could have had for social networking. This festival, which was held close to Reno in Las Vegas, attracted over 200,000 people this year in a three-day period. Although the music may not be what I listen to, that many diverse people in one place is a networking dreamland. These people come together for a common love for electric music, but all come from different places and backgrounds. At this massive festival there is potential to meet countless people from a wide variety of locations, professions, connections, and personalities to diversify yourself into new places, ideas, and opportunities.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is just an example I am using to show even if you do not think there is an opportunity, take another look. Every person has countless of their own examples that they must reevaluate and examine. Every opportunity you have to meet new people especially as diversified as this event, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable, take it! As stated in one of my favorite quotes by Larry Weatherford, “If you always do what you’ve always done… you’ll always have what you’ve always had.”

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