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Networking is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years I am sure you are well aware of the economic crisis we are facing today. With no money in the economy, businesses and employers are hurting substantially. With people not having the money to stimulate our economy along with employers not hiring due to not making any revenue an evil circle keeps revolving that seems will never end.

This is why in our current times it is more important than ever to social network and get to know people. It can give you a huge advantage over other applicants if you know who is hiring or know someone connected to the company. It can give you even more leeway if you live in a smaller town such as Reno where many people know each other. As I have stated in previous posts, everywhere I have been employed I have known someone already within the company or the person hiring. For this simple fact, my consideration was placed higher than other applicants and almost guaranteed the job every time.

This is especially vital to the very young who are just now coming out of college and do not have the experience yet many jobs are looking for. It is also important to those who are older and can be considered “over qualified” in which companies do not want to make an investment in you in these hard times. In order to get that second look and not just be another one of the numerous applications in a pile you have to be someone who sticks out to employers. What better way is there to stick out to an employer than knowing them personally or having some sort of connection to them socially? You have to get out there and open doors for yourself. In this economy, you must always act as if you are on the clock.

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