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Social Media Time Capsule

Networking using social media is a great thing. It allows you to connect to people from all over the world from the comfort of your computer. The advantages of using social media are obvious even though it is still a new way of communicating. However, after using social media for some time now and beginning to blog, I have learned something that I would not have thought social media could offer.

Not only is it a tool for connecting to others but it is also a teacher. It teaches by saving all the information from status updates, messages, pictures, past interactions, and now in my case past blog posts. I began using social media like most when the MySpace fad came along when I was in high school. Once getting to college MySpace seemed to decline in popularity and everyone switched to Facebook. Although I no longer really used MySpace, all the content I had posted and conversations were still there to go back and look at. Let me tell you it gave me more than a good laugh. How much we mature as individuals is quite amazing. Now almost done with college and onto my professional career my mindset is different and no longer do I use social media for the same purposes. I now use social media to connect to others and network.

Even though my mindset is different and more mature, current social media is still serving as it did for MySpace. It gave me a way to go back and look at what I said or did that was either good and worked well or was not good and I can do without next time. It is a way to watch yourself progress and see how you are growing over the years. Blogging gives you similar lessons. When you have an idea or knowledge about a subject, it is sometimes hard to put on paper for others to see and understand. Sometimes it takes you to put it out there in front of you for you to better understand yourself.

Although my blog post talks mainly about social networking in a person-to-person situation, social media is just another tool to add to your arsenal. When you are out in a person-to-person public situation, it is hard to look back and know what you did well and did not. However, with social media you can look back at all the archives and teach yourself.

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