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Social Media Time Capsule

August 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Networking using social media is a great thing. It allows you to connect to people from all over the world from the comfort of your computer. The advantages of using social media are obvious even though it is still a new way of communicating. However, after using social media for some time now and beginning to blog, I have learned something that I would not have thought social media could offer.

Not only is it a tool for connecting to others but it is also a teacher. It teaches by saving all the information from status updates, messages, pictures, past interactions, and now in my case past blog posts. I began using social media like most when the MySpace fad came along when I was in high school. Once getting to college MySpace seemed to decline in popularity and everyone switched to Facebook. Although I no longer really used MySpace, all the content I had posted and conversations were still there to go back and look at. Let me tell you it gave me more than a good laugh. How much we mature as individuals is quite amazing. Now almost done with college and onto my professional career my mindset is different and no longer do I use social media for the same purposes. I now use social media to connect to others and network.

Even though my mindset is different and more mature, current social media is still serving as it did for MySpace. It gave me a way to go back and look at what I said or did that was either good and worked well or was not good and I can do without next time. It is a way to watch yourself progress and see how you are growing over the years. Blogging gives you similar lessons. When you have an idea or knowledge about a subject, it is sometimes hard to put on paper for others to see and understand. Sometimes it takes you to put it out there in front of you for you to better understand yourself.

Although my blog post talks mainly about social networking in a person-to-person situation, social media is just another tool to add to your arsenal. When you are out in a person-to-person public situation, it is hard to look back and know what you did well and did not. However, with social media you can look back at all the archives and teach yourself.

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Networking is More Important Now Than Ever Before

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years I am sure you are well aware of the economic crisis we are facing today. With no money in the economy, businesses and employers are hurting substantially. With people not having the money to stimulate our economy along with employers not hiring due to not making any revenue an evil circle keeps revolving that seems will never end.

This is why in our current times it is more important than ever to social network and get to know people. It can give you a huge advantage over other applicants if you know who is hiring or know someone connected to the company. It can give you even more leeway if you live in a smaller town such as Reno where many people know each other. As I have stated in previous posts, everywhere I have been employed I have known someone already within the company or the person hiring. For this simple fact, my consideration was placed higher than other applicants and almost guaranteed the job every time.

This is especially vital to the very young who are just now coming out of college and do not have the experience yet many jobs are looking for. It is also important to those who are older and can be considered “over qualified” in which companies do not want to make an investment in you in these hard times. In order to get that second look and not just be another one of the numerous applications in a pile you have to be someone who sticks out to employers. What better way is there to stick out to an employer than knowing them personally or having some sort of connection to them socially? You have to get out there and open doors for yourself. In this economy, you must always act as if you are on the clock.

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Uncomfortable Networking?

August 9, 2011 1 comment

When we go out and think of networking we naturally want to go to a place that is comfortable and has people present that we can relate to and have something in common with. This headline may sound extreme but it is to make a point that no networking should ever be considered uncomfortable.

A friend and fellow classmate of mine named Brad Cabanilla has a blog where he talks about the latest and greatest in a new dance festival trend. These huge festivals such as the Electric Daisy Carnival are a huge attraction for many people. I must admit as soon as I learned the type of music that was being played I declined the invitation to attend. It seemed cool for the people who were interested in that type of music. However, the music and crowd that attends did not seem like it matched my persona.

Then I really got to thinking… This was a huge missed opportunity I could have had for social networking. This festival, which was held close to Reno in Las Vegas, attracted over 200,000 people this year in a three-day period. Although the music may not be what I listen to, that many diverse people in one place is a networking dreamland. These people come together for a common love for electric music, but all come from different places and backgrounds. At this massive festival there is potential to meet countless people from a wide variety of locations, professions, connections, and personalities to diversify yourself into new places, ideas, and opportunities.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is just an example I am using to show even if you do not think there is an opportunity, take another look. Every person has countless of their own examples that they must reevaluate and examine. Every opportunity you have to meet new people especially as diversified as this event, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable, take it! As stated in one of my favorite quotes by Larry Weatherford, “If you always do what you’ve always done… you’ll always have what you’ve always had.”

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Social Networking at the Workplace

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

On a previous post, I talked about the importance of social networking outside of the professional setting at social events. However, networking on the job is also extremely important for employees and businesses for a number of reasons. When you work for employers, especially those employers who employ a high quantity of people, it is very important for everyone to know one another and get along on and off the job site. When employees get along and feel comfortable with one another it makes a better work environment and it makes the company better and more efficient.

Working with people you do not know or get along with can make a bad work environment thus dropping the productivity of the organization. I have experienced this fist hand in the work place and it is quite possibly the worst thing that can happen to an individual and a business. Individuals who do not like one another or feel comfortable with one another tend not to work together as a team to accomplish the task at hand. People naturally will use their personal feelings before the company while conducting business, which causing a never-ending snowball of trouble.

In the workplace, you should make it a priority to meet and introduce yourself to all of your coworkers. If you have any issues what so ever with anyone in the organization you should immediate talk to them about it before the issue gets worse. It is also good to occasionally meet up with coworkers outside of the workplace whether it is an organized business outing or planned on your own. Getting out of the office will keep the stress and issues of the job away so people can get to know each other on a more personal level. Building a connection with coworkers that is more than just professional will drastically improve the efficiency of the company while making the work environment fun and more rewarding.

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Social Media for the Young

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

When you are young adult entering college, it a confusing time. You are technically not a child anymore but at 18 years old you are still not completely mature and grown up. College is a new and excited time for young adults. They are excited for something new whether it is the school, new location or finally being able to get out of their parents home. When you first enter college, your sole goal at that point is to have a good time. You find most of your time being consumed by the social scene or figuring out the best frat party to attend. You feel as if graduation and a career are extremely far away and you should not be concerned with it. What these young adults must understand is that college, although important, is a very short chapter in their lives. It flies by extremely fast so you must always have your future on your mind.

Nowadays young adults must be very careful of what they say and do on social media. With technology advancing rapidly, that thoughtless or senseless post they put up having fun as a under graduate, could haunt them when they finally receive that degree and want to join the professional world. If they are not careful, that whole time in college when they were young and carefree could come back and bite them professionally. You see countless example of this on Facebook and Twitter of young individuals posting text or images that may not sit well with future employers.

It is alright for people to have fun as young adults. However, they do not have to share it with the world and the world does not really care. The only people who will care are your potential employers. The things you post will remain online for years to come. With college only being on average 4 years long there is a great chance it will still be high on the Google feed come graduation,  making it extremely easy to track down. If there is any question what so ever about the content of a post do not post it at all.

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Over Marketing Yourself

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Some people feel to have any success at social networking they must fit a certain “ideal” stereotype for people to like them, both in the business and social world. They want to feel as if they are of a higher status or they feel as though people would just be uninterested in the real person they are.

Socially we have all ran into people who “talk” about how many experiences and achievements they have. When in reality they are probably just trying to impress you. These people are well known to be called “one uppers.” This pretty much means “anything you have done I have done better or had a better experience doing it.” I think we have all at some point run into a person like this. This does not make anyone like that individual more, and in most cases makes people dislike them and want to stay away from them completely shattered that persons intensions.

It is the same in the business world. People will lie about achievements whether in school or professionally. They feel as though it will give them a competitive advantage. They are probably correct… for the whole 20 min it takes to look you up on the computer or until you prove through your performance, you are not as qualified as you made yourself out to be. You ultimately will only hurt yourself and you will lose any sort of trust you had. Many professions stay in contact with one another so the news will spread rapid and you will find yourself unable to find a job and probably unemployed.

The bottom line is be yourself! You should never lie about any aspect of who you are or what you do. Be happy with who you are and what you have accomplished in life. If you still feel there is room for improvement there is no problem telling others what your drive and ambitions are. That is a huge point of social networking anyways, helping one another be connected and reach your greatest goals and ambitions.

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Having Friends That Don’t Reflect Your Brand

July 30, 2011 Leave a comment

There is no question, the people we surround ourselves with directly reflect our own personal brand. It is always important to have people around you with the same or similar brand and goals so people do not get a misconception of who you are and what exactly it is you are about.

The biggest problem one can run into is having a friend or friends that you still maintain a close relationship with, however, do not exactly reflect your own personal brand. The worst thing a person can do is break that friendship or avoid them for fear of them negatively reflecting you. This will completely contradict your intensions of having a personal brand and networking. The easiest way to solve this problem is know where you are going and what type of people will be present there.  If you’re going to be hanging out with mutual friends or a more laid-back atmosphere it is of course fine to have them present. But if you’re going to be in a more professional setting or a place in which you know there will be potential contacts, you may want to hang out with them another night.

Another one of the biggest mistakes young professionals make is recommending or talking highly of an individual based solely on friendship.  I know that as a friend, you feel obligated to help them but this is the worst thing you can do if that friend is not as qualified or reliable as you claim. Their performance will ultimately reflect on you and bring question as to your own personal integrity, values and work ethic. Do not ever put yourself in that situation in less you truly have the utmost confidence in that persons capabilities.

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